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HumanSense: Smart Platform Systems for Interdisciplinary Solutions

Dr Debopam Acharya, (Computer Science and Engineering), Dr. Prasad Pathak (Civil engineering), Dr. Divya Lohani (Computer Science and Engineering), and Dr. Seema Sehrawat (Life Sciences) has been working on a multi year project titled "HumanSense: Towards context aware sensing, inference and actuation for applications in Energy and Healthcare.”

This multi year (2014-2018) multi institutional project (in collaboration with IIIT Delhi, and IGDTUW Delhi) is funded by the Information Technology Research Academcy (ITRA), initiated by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India. 

For their research project, the investigators are developing systems combining relevant sensors and diverse mobile platforms for collecting and analyzing useful and real time domain specific information in the three areas of indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring, energy management, and healthcare. 

This multi disciplinary team of researchers and Phd students are performing research and development to solve pressing problems in the areas mentoned above with information that will aid in smart decision making process. The project has already lead to interesting and relevant findings, and resulted in several publications in reputed conferences and journals.