Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab | Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab

The lab focuses on the recent advances in some sub-areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML). The major thrust areas presently being researched in this lab include Image and Video Content Analysis, Computer Vision, Neural Architecture Search, Medical Image computing and Probabilistic Machine Learning. Besides research, the lab also provides a strong foundation of Machine Learning to students and industry professionals by offering courses and labs in Machine Learning and related areas. Moreover, the lab provides a thorough understanding of the recent advances in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Statistical Computing to the students.

Researchers in this lab regularly publish research papers in the top tier journals and conferences. The lab has a high end multi-core GPU server to work on the recent technologies in Deep Learning and related areas. The specific areas of focus of the lab includes (but not limited to):

●            RGB-D Video Content Analysis

●            Human Activity and Event Recognition and Prediction

●            Image/ Video Quality Assessment and Enhancement

●            Video Summarization

●            Segmentation and Tracking

●            Affective Computing

●            3D Image Reconstruction

●            Manifold / Representation Learning


C - 319