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Wireless Networks and IOT

IoT and Wireless lab

Wireless, Mobile Computing and Networking group currently hosts the largest number of faculty in CSE. Researchers in this group work in diverse areas of networking as follows:
Internet of Things: Researchers in this area are addressing problems related to mobile sensing, location-aware models, context-aware services, environment monitoring, smart cities, network edges, modeling and simulation of IoT systems, IoT data analytics, IoT service integration, IoT communication, IoT Security – secure network communication, device authentication, cryptography.
Wireless Sensor Networks: Research problems in this area are related to distributed sensor networks, data acquisition models, sensor fusion, sensor data analytics, performance evaluation & modelling.
Wireless Networks: Research is currently undertaken in various areas like interference, real time communication, quality of service, cyber physical systems, communication engineering, mathematical modeling, photonics, etc. 

Dr. Divya Lohani