Doctor of Philosophy | Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. programme in the department of Computer Science and Engineering is a postgraduate programme at SNU. Students entering this programme will be awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Computer Science and Engineering on successful completion of degree requirements. 

The Ph.D. programme in Computer Science and Engineering is designed to prepare students for highly rewarding careers in academia and research labs. The demand for quality PhDs is increasing at a rapid rate in the country, thereby creating an ever widening gap between the demand and supply.

Depending upon the academic preparation, admitted students in Ph.D. are exposed to a wide range of core and elective courses with in-depth syllabi, followed by a qualifying exam to test their knowledge. In addition to this, students write a research proposal and starts pursuing research that eventually culminates in a Ph.D. thesis. Such an excellent combination of academic excellence in subject matters and top notch research equips SNU PhDs in CSE with strong knowledge and research skills necessary for pursuing highly productive careers in academia as well as in research labs.