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ACM-W SNU Student Chapter

A preliminary survey among CSE women in the University indicated that they feel inferior to their male counterparts, which results in a lack of confidence that reflects in their performance in interviews. Multiple respondents of the survey reported that with a better culture of inclusion and targeted programs involving women, their participation would surely be higher. Due to the non-inclusive environment, talented women in CS are motivated to leave the field after graduation. Retention of women in CS needs targeted, women-centric measures on part of the University. Very few women in SNU are aware of female-oriented opportunities which would let them represent the University at an international level. The areas that are targeted by existing societies need to diversify, focusing not only on coding programs, but also paying attention to research interests and graduate school aspirations.

1) To provide a non-discriminatory, inclusive and supportive environment for female students in Computer Science to learn from each other, motivate each other and celebrate each others’ success.
2) To form a knowledge bank of resources available to women in computing to further their careers and disseminate this information to undergraduates at an early stage.
3) To increase participation of women in inter-university events, conferences, developer meets, hackathons etc. as representatives of the University.
4) To connect students with female achievers in different domains of computing to build and foster long lasting mentor-mentee relationships.

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